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The questions I get most frequently is:

  • How does it work?

  • What can numerology do for me?

  • How do I know if it’s the right thing for me?

  • What if I wanna keep more than one name?



Every number has a vibration and a frequency.
All letters have a numerical value attached and therefore also a frequency.

Our birth design consists exclusively of numbers.

That means that via your birth design I can read your inherent potentials and challenges.

Names consists of letters that all together has its own unique expression.

When that is paired with your birth design it affects us in different ways.

That means that everyone named Maria is not the same.
They have the same name code, which causes some similarities.
But when paired with the birth design, all Maria’s gets a unique expression.

To simplify:

Your birth design is who you are in your core and essence.
Your name is the way your design is being expressed.

Our name either makes us strong, gives us access to the potentials in our birth chart.
Or it’s the stone in the shoe that prevents us from living our true expression and potentials.


What happens when you change your name?

You transform both your inner and outer world!


Your name codes are what determines among other things, your:

  • Your psyke (are you strong or do you break easily)

  • Your mindset

  • Your feelings, self-image, self-esteem

  • The connection to yourself (can you feel yourself all the way through)

  • The way you want to utilize yourself

  • Where your focus lies (career, family life, entrepreneurship, traveling, spirituality)

  • Are you good at making your dreams come true

  • Thinking outside the box

  • Do you see opportunities rather than limitations

  • Are you good at taking action on the things you want

  • Do you stay passive and expect everything to come to you effortlessly

  • Are you good at making money. Do you attract money easily or do you work hard for it. How big is your wealth container.


Your name also reveals what you are a match to attract into your life:

  • Chaos. Tumult. Disappointment.

  • Loss of money

  • Breakthrough in your career

  • Lots of love

  • A lot of break ups

  • Ease and flow in your life

  • Potential to make millions

  • Changing career often / find it difficult to find your purpose in life

  • If you’re visible or invisible in your business and life in general

  • Is a natural born leader with great impact potential


All of this is also what you’re able to change by changing your name.


How do I find out if numerology is for me?

You can determine that by getting a reading or clarity session.
I find that the people that are drawn in by numerology, is the people that would benefit from it in one way or another.

If In doubt then take your time, research, and make an informed decision when you feel ready.


What if I wanna keep more than one name?

With the way that I work, it is not always possible to preserve more than one name.

For the simple reason:

If you want something different than what you have right now, you need to be ready to let go of what you already have.

Your results are the sum of your name. 

If you want something different than what you have - you need a different name with a different life trajectory. 

And yet not.

I understand better than anyone that it’s a life changing decision and a challenge to change your name. Most people have an incredible amount of identity attached to their name.


Some feel deeply connected to more than one of their names.
It can be difficult to let go if we feel like we’re giving up on or disappointing our family by e.g. giving up a family name/surname.

I experienced this myself the first time I changed my name with numerology.
I chose to keep my first name and let go of my family name. Which was a deep sorrow for my dad, because it was his name I let go of.

But today he can see how far I’ve come and how I’ve flourished since.

He fully acknowledges that I would never have gotten here without letting go of what was holding me back. And that is most important to both of us!


Sometimes it possible to maintain more than one name if you’re open to a different way of spelling the name. But it’s never guaranteed.


If you have any other questions, I’m not answering here. You are most welcome to send me an email:

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