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A strong coded company name is essential if you want to impact the world through your business.


A company name cannot make up for lack of action on your part.
Name coding for businesses is co-creation in synchronicity with you!


Do you feel that the effort you put into your business is not equal to the results?

Or lacking results completely.

Then it might be an idea to have a look at your company name or your founding date.

There are codes that make it difficult to do business,

and there are codes that make it possible to:

Make millions

Create impact



International success

Trending creativity


There’s codes for everything!

If you are brand new in the business game you get the best starting point by when founding date + business name is created together and adds up to a higher unity.

Are you already in the game and want to calibrate to the next level,

then I can get you there with a new company name.

I am ultra picky with the way I name code.
It’s more important for me that you get the results you came for,

over a name that sounds amazing or describes EXCATLY what you do.

Of course, I won’t create a name that refers to a baker if you are a hair dresser.
But you can’t expect your brand name to be part of the company name.

Understand this: I will make the name that is registered with the authorities (CVR).

That’s why you need to be down with the way I work.

Because there’s no way I will compromise my work or the things I deliver.

You can have a brand name that has nothing to do with the registered name.
This is ideal if you already have a brand and don’t wish to change that name.

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Below you can choose the package that is the most ideal for you.


Is it possible to pay by

payment plan?

Yes. I offer 2-4 installments.

OBS! Be aware that you won’t get the new name before the last installment is paid in full.

Growth - DK.png
Limitless - DK.png
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850 DKK. / $124


1 x SUPER DATE (Industry specific)

550 dkk. / $80



350 dkk. / $51



770 dkk. / $111



670 dkk. / $97


-All EX. VAT-

disclaimer - VIRK.png


The package is intended for you who do not yet have a business or if you want to start a new one, as the package includes a company founding date. If you already have a company and don't want to start a new one, I recommend going with 'Growth'.


I never post any guaranties for how long you can get with your business, how much money you can make or when the customers/money will come.


This is impossible because it very much depends on: 

  • Your own effort

  • Your personal leadership

  • Your business flair

  • Your personal name codes

  • Your company founding date

All in conjunction with the name of the company.

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