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Your name contains energetic frequencies and mathematical formulas that reveals what life path you’re currently on and what is possible for you to achieve.

Your birth chart is how you are in your core and essence – your design.

Your name is the way to live your design – the person you become.

If you want something different or more than the life path you’re on right now, that life change can be created by new name codes.

If you are impatient to attain what constantly seems just out side of your reach, you can close that gap with powerful new name codes. You can attract it so all you gotta do is reach and grab it!

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Your name codes are the ruling element when it comes to:


+ Psyke & mood

+ Confidence

+ Breakthrough power

+ The connection to yourself

+ Personal power

+ Influence

+ Money attraction

+ Business flair

+ Mindset

+ Visibility

+ Self-esteem

+ Self-image

+ Receptivity

+ Sex life


And so much more ..

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If the life trajectory you’re on is not aligned with your heart’s desire – or if you want to pick up the pace – then it might be a good idea to check if there’s another path that would be a stronger match.

Your name is all about what you attract into your life.

What are you a match for?

Name coding is NOT about changing the magical soul that you are, but to get even more of you into action. So, you can embark on the life path that is meant for you.

Name coding is about unfolding the inherent talents and potentials that you still have to take full advantage of.

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My expertise lies in name coding business owners and entrepreneurs for:

  • Living their wildest dreams

  • Creating the business they’ve always dreamed of

  • Generating the income they desire

  • Raise their frequency + calibrate to their next level

  • All the while living the life that is the most fulfilling to them


It is in every way possible to create a life that feels fulfilling, exuberant, powerful, and uncompromising.

I would love more than anything to help you match the frequency of your reality – to the frequency of your dreams!

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When I create new names then I take into consideration:

  • What does it entail for you to live out your dreams?

  • What needs boosting?

  • What needs toning down?

  • What has stopped you from the results you want so far?


The more you an embrace the elevated version of you, the easier and more naturally your desires will land like pearls on a string.


Does this mean that your life will become easier?
It doesn’t become easier in the sense that you’ll never face challenges or obstacles ever again.

It means that you’ll be able to take on ANY challenge – POWERFULLY!
If you used to get knocked out easily before – that’s a done chapter.

Name coding is used to live our dreams.
Not to eliminate the evolution we are here to experience.

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What happens when you change your name?

You won’t wake up tomorrow and have become a millionaire overnight.

But we will raise the bar from your currant situation.

Are you employed, then you start by launching your own business – maybe part time?

From here it is an exponentially increasing growth curve:

Employed – business owner part time – business owner full time – living good of your business – millions start to come rolling in..


Namecoding is not a quick fix!


But it’s still the fastest way to what you want and the version of you that can get you there!


We take everything that you are and throw progress into the equation.
In that way you can get everything you want but much faster.

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I am very meticulous and thorough with the way I name code.
Anything is possible but sometimes it takes something particular to make it happen.

That’s why you need to be down with the way I work. Because I will under no circumstances compromise my work of the things I deliver.

I only guarantee that you can keep MAX one of your currant names!

On the other hand, I promise you that I don't make funky spellings or put together names that are completely out of proportion. I would never create a name I don’t think is beautiful!

Below you can choose the package that feels ideal for you.


Is it possible to pay by payment plan?

Yes. I offer 2-4 installments.

OBS! Be aware that when paying by payment plan, you won’t receive your new name before all the installments have been paid in full.

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Specially designed surname  - 4400 DKK. / $640

Telegram coaching (4 weeks)  - 1250 DKK. / $182

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