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[ POTENTIUM ] is more than a reading, more than coaching .. it is a frequency mentoring! 

[ POTENTIUM ] consists of four core elements:





It is my personal believe that these are the pillars of success, longevity and happiness. 

This is everything you need to create a life and business with a solid foundation, that is sustainable in the long run as well.

This session is an energetic hybrid between deep dive and evolution!


This is the sequence to aligned business.

You are a powerful, ambitious woman ready to unleash your full potential and create unstoppable momentum in your business.


That’s why you landed here.

Welcome to [ POTENTIUM ]

A transformative mentoring session designed exclusively for powerful women like you, who are ready to elevate their business to unprecedented heights.

In Potentium, we dive into your birth design to uncover the innate strengths and talents that make you uniquely suited for success.


By understanding your natural gifts, we can develop a tailored strategy that aligns with you, allowing you to operate at your highest potential.

- Create Exponential Growth -

Unleashing your potential is only the beginning.

Potentium is all about building momentum – that powerful force that propels you forward with unstoppable, elevated energy.


We integrate every facet of you to ensure that you are not just growing your business, but also evolving as a leader.

What You’ll Experience in Potentium:

1. Personalized Birth Design Mentoring

  • Uncover your inherent strengths and talents

  • Understand how to leverage these traits for business success

2. Strategic Growth Mapping:

  • Develop a customized action plan that aligns with your unique potential

  • Identify key areas for growth and improvement

3. Momentum Building

  • Learn how to maintain and amplify your business momentum

  • Foster a mindset that embraces challenges and turns them into opportunities

Why Potentium?

Unique Holistic Approach: I am a very firm believer of a balanced approach that nurtures both your business and your personal well-being.


Besides that I am merging unique tools (numerology - astrology - human design - hypnotherapy) leaving no stone unturned. Embracing ALL of you, with everything that you are! I've never experienced anything remotely close to my approch.

This WILL require you to stretch so you can build resilience and activate even more of your untapped potential!

This WILL require you to access and utilize your full expression in order to calibrate to your next level.

This WILL require you to be bold, brave and heart first.

But I promis .. It WILL be worth it! 

Unlock Your Potential.

Build Your Momentum.

Achieve Exponential Growth.


“Your way of conveying numerology is unparallel! You take something so complicated and make it so easy to understand. And it is delivered in such a heartfelt way, it’s really rare”

 - Simone


“You make me feel seen and heard in a way I’ve never tried before. You have given me a whole new way of viewing myself, and much more confidence in myself. I have complete faith that you’ll catch me if I should fall.”

 - Sophie



“You are so curious and eager to dive beyond what meets the eye. You went straight to the core of my issue and made me move!”

 - Sabrina

“In our sessions you always make me feel special. And I feel so safe in your space. I always feel empowered afterwards. In the areas where I felt wrong or different you made me see that it was my strength all along. You showed me how to leverage it. I don’t feel bad about it anymore!”

 - Louise



“You are so good at listening. Something that a lot of people don’t really do anymore. You make me feel seen and heard. You are so good at holding space for me, while I unfold.”

 - Storm


“You have helped me dive deeper into myself and the layers of myself, so I’ve been able to heal a lot of traumas and create a whole new level of consciousness around myself.”

- Helena



“Your ‘mirror’, your authenticity, your depth – is huge gifts that I reap the benefit of! You have made a huge difference in my life and how I respect myself now”

 - Kalie



“You are a gift to all of us, in this world, trying to find meaning in it all”

 - Ellie

Unleash potential.

Create momentum.

Join Potentium.



590 DKK / $85

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