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A new system has seen the light of day!

Its actually a while ago now. I made a post on IG about it – this is the elaborated version of my experience.

[ A new system has seen the light of day ]

Such an honor to do this deep work and watch the magick unfold in the most

impossible - and yet possible - ways.

This will be my 5th numerology system to integrate!

And let me just say it doesn’t get any easier ... I just get better!

I felt my body getting ready to expand. To make room for more ... and BAAM then it hit!

Every time a new system is making its way into the light, I get this feeling:

Like something is trying to get out of me - LITTERALY!

And when I look at the encodings of a name (usually my own) it feel like something is missing or feels misaligned. Can't always put into words what it is .. But I know that something i up.

This time around it was like a blind spot. I couldn’t see, but I could FEEL it!

I changed my name in June (2023), and I wrote a blogpost about it, because it had such a huge impact on me, emotionally.

One of the encodings that was supposed to leave with that name ... I could still feel it after the shift to the new name. And that drove me CRAZY!

I couldn’t see it. It wasn’t in the encodings anymore. But it could still feel its presence!!!

It is moments like these that activates me the most! If I feel it then I know it’s there and it’s just a matter of time before I find the answer ... and I did!

In a whole new system!

One I haven’t seen or heard of before. But it made SO much sense. And the encoding I couldn’t see but only feel ... was right there!

Every time I begin to feel spacious, I know that something is about to drop, and it ALWAYS do within a few days or a week - depending on my level of busyness.

Sometimes it is showing up externally like a mentor. Sometimes I need to take some down time/quite time to let it surface from within.

This time it came to me in my sleep .. There was a voice in my head telling me how to calculate the new system and I woke up instantly, because it felt like someone was in my bedroom speaking to me (this happens a lot because I’m clairaudient).

It was in the middle of the night, so I wrote the message down and the next day I knew I had my work cut out for me!

When a new system makes its way into my world, I let go of ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING and dive deep into it because the timing is always of the essence.

I strongly believe in divine timing.

That all things happen or appear at a certain time for a certain reason!

So, I trust very deeply in my timing and go with the flow.

Of course, I found exactly what I was looking for in the first hit, and it made perfect sense.

Looking in rearview mirror, I can’t believe I didn’t see this long ago :D It is so simple and yet so beautiful.

I also believe that it landed right now, for a reason.

I wasn’t supposed to see it before. Maybe I wasn’t ready to juggle more calculations? Maybe because I wasn’t ready to handle the magick of this system?

Every system got its own strength and challenges. Each got an area of expertise.

I have already begun to see some red threads in the cases I have examined. I can’t wait to unfold the magick even further ... and of course to give it a NAME!

..a love story to be continued <3 :D

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